About Tracy

The Beginning

In 2005, Tracy, the Founder of Tracy's Gourmet®, discovered that she weighed 257 pounds after her father's passing from a sudden heart attack. With this experience and a family history of heart disease, she realized that no one was going to change her situation for her, so she had to do it for herself. This led to her journey of finding a better way to eat, changing her lifestyle and losing 115 pounds.

Incorporating more salads into her diet was the first step. However, she found that the salad dressings she enjoyed contained ingredients that were negating her new, healthy food eating behaviors. After reading tons of books on health, nutrition and wellness, she discovered that she had to eliminate certain foods from her diet.Eight years later, much healthier, and with years of study in healthy food preparation and eating habits, Tracy is now helping others transition to healthier lifestyles with her company that was founded in 2013.  


Our Mission

Tracy’s Gourmet® is a specialty foods company that is committed to making healthy, artisan foods that are flavorful and fun without compromise for a lifetime. We believe that natural and organic foods help improve and sustain the health and wellness of people and communities. 


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