Yoga for Entrepreneurial Success

In September 2018 a Hurricane Florence ripped apart the Eastern coast of North Carolina. Having lived in South Carolina after my parents relocated from New York when I was a child, I was familiar with the organized chaos and planning that goes on once a hurricane warning is given. I was in college during Hurricane Hugo in 1988, and I remember all too well the power and force of 120 mile per hour wind that knocked me and my friends down to the ground because we were running to or campuses shelter location. It was funny to us and we laughed it off and enjoyed the food, fun and dark for the next 48 hours together.

However, 20 years later, Hurricane Florence felt different. I was scared, and I didn’t find anything funny about our Governor announcing on TV that this was going to be an epic, catastrophic event. Once I heard that I made the quick decision to use my emergency funds (thanks to Dave Ramsey) to GET OUT! So, I took a flight to one of my favorite places…Miami, FL! Since I was in need of relaxation and safety why not make it a vacation. I met up with some friends who had done the same and we had a great time in the 90 degree weather, beautiful blue skies, and sun. Most of all, I fell in love with YOGA.

The hotel where I stayed recommended Mind Body Social Yoga studio (, and I am so glad that they did. Like a lot of people, I had an image of people who did yoga and they did not look like me. However, the yoga instructors were so warm and welcoming and they are also entrepreneurs. They spoke to us about the benefits of yoga in life and business as it helped improve thinking and coordination, while we moved from our Sun Salute and Down Dog positions. I also learned that more creativity comes as my mind is cleared and my breathing is regulated and slowed down. This allows my mind to relax and helps me make better decisions while easing the pressure of blood flow through my body.