Looking Back

Recently, I found a picture of myself that stunned me.  I forgot how I looked 13 years ago.  I just remember that I was heavy and that my highest weight was 257 pounds.  The picture caused me to look back at a time when life was extremely difficult.  Without getting into the details, it was one of those dark times I look back at and wonder how I made it through. 

 I’ve often heard that there’s a reason the rear view window in a vehicle is smaller than the front window…it’s because I should keep moving forward and not look back.  However, looking back at this photo and those past years confirmed for me that there was a purpose for it all….all the setbacks, insults about my weight and naysayers about my business make sense to me now.  Mostly, I can look at this photo, compare it to who I am now physically and emotionally and say “what was meant for my harm was turned around for my good.”